Osteopathy is considered as a medical treatment and is performed entirely through body manipulations. Its main purpose is to restore mobility to all the structures of the human body.

At its early stage:

It was defined as an art, a science (because of its perfect understanding of anatomy and physiology) and a philosophy.  It was recognized as a natural and manual healthcare treatment that took into account the symptoms, the pathology and the whole being as such.

A.T. Still who started osteopathy, considered it as a medical treatment based on the motion of fluids and as a science “of the consciousness, the body and soul.”

In my own practise of osteopathy which follows A.T.Still’s school, I intent to recover the balance of the whole body; not to treat only one single structure. By doing so, it stimulates the natural function of self-healing and self-regulation. It combines osteopathic, structural, intestinal, facial and cranial techniques with methods based on listening, fluids, somatic-emotional reactions, reflexes and advices on healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

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